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Top 10 Violations

Architectural – failure to follow the request for approval process - fence installation of wrong material, wrong color, wrong style, type or height


Trash Receptacles – failure to store properly


Satellite Approval – very often overlooked in the request for approval process


Signs – posting of garage sale signs on dawn to dusk lights, and on common ground area, posting of signs in parked cars – for sale, posting of political signs in conjunction with municipal ordinances and posting of religious signs in windows or yards. House for sale signs are understandable but open house signs cannot be placed or left overnight. Vendor or contractor signs should not be posted on the Lot or on common ground.


Tree Planting/Tree removal – All requests on any planting or removal should be coordinated and communicated through the management company and may be subject to association approval if applicable.


Pets – running lose, off leashes, barking excessively or loudly, defecating, owners not cleaning up after pets, cats running across hoods of cars, cats using mulched areas for litter box.


Nuisances – disturbance and annoyance to neighbors – shouting neighbors, bright lighting, loud music, cars coming and going at all hours of the night.


Parking - cars parked on both sides of the street, creating a problem situation for emergency vehicles – Homeowners not utilizing garages or driveways, parking in front of a neighbors home, parking illegally, parking a broken down vehicle on the street or driveway, parking a vehicle with no plates or parking as unlicensed vehicle on the driveway or street.  


Trucks, boats, RV’s, Campers, trailers, and motorcycles need to be stored or housed properly in a garage area and homeowners should be attentive to any rules governing commercial vehicles.           


Obstructions – no clothes or laundry lines, toys strewn about, equipment parked or being stored on the Lot, above ground pools, etc.,


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 Top 10 Violations
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